Ron Sheetz Furniture and Wooden Objects
Ron Sheetz, Wooden Objects Conservator                
Martinsburg, WV
Sheetz hand made hutch
Haines Alaska Totem Pole restoration
Museum of Shenandoah Valley Tall Case Clock
1955-1960:  Trained under the G.I. Bill as an apprentice in the trade of cabinetmaker by his father, Jake Sheetz, in Edinburg, Virginia.

1960-1978: Proprietor of Sheetz Furntiture Shop. Made numerous pieces of hand produced period furniture reproductions. Also preserved many pieces of antique furniture & served as a cabinetmaking instructor.

1978-1997: Worked as a Furniture & Wooden Objects Conservator at Harpers Ferry Center, Division of Conservation, National Park Service, Harpers Ferry, WV.  Eventually became Senior Furniture & Wooden Objects Conservator.

Performed conservation / preservation treatments on objects from many historic homes including: The Lincoln Home, The Russian Bishop House, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Home, and Harry S. Truman Home.  Was the leading conservator for helping with the development of the White House visitor center.  Also was involved with the preservation treatment of priceless pieces of furniture in the White House.

Supervised the Totem and House Post Preservation Project at Sitka Historic Park. Over 30 totems and house posts, along with fragments of carved poles, were treated.

Also published articles about the conservation/preservation of furniture & wooden objects for the National Park Service.

1998-1999: Participated as an instructor in two carved pole preservation training corses at Wrangell, Alaska.  Performed preservation treatments on two totems and two house posts for the City of Wrangell Museum.  Also performed preservation treatment on a totem and re-erected it at the Governor's Mansion in Junea, Alaska.

2000-2001: Performed preservation treatments on Native American artifacts in Alaska.  Involved in leading a team of wood conservators in treating six down totems in Klawock, Alaska. Also performed treatment in preparing original totems and house posts for an exhibit in the new totem gallery at Sitka National Historic Park.

Lead another team in performing treatments on 21 standing totems at Klawock Totem Park and did an evaluation of the condition of the town of Haine's standing totems and other native artifacts for the Sheldon Museum.

2001-2004:  Performed conservation / perservation treatments on numerous objects for the Musuem of the Shenandoah Valley, Clara Barton National Historic Site, and other sites at place of business (wood working shop) in Edinburg, VA.
To list a few of the objects treated:
  *A walnut, circa 1870, desk on a frame
  *A tiger maple, circa 1760, high chest
  *A cherry, circa 1875, 4 drawer chest
  *A tiger maple, circa 1720, high boy
  *A yellow pine, circa 1770, blanket chest

Also performed a condition assessment of Chief Shakes Tribal House in Wrangell, Alaska and the Baranov Totem in Sitka, Alaska

2004-2006:  Performed conservation / preservation treatments on numerous objects for Dodona Manor (the Gen. George Marshall International Center)  and the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley.  Treated approximately 85% of the furniture for each site.

Also teated a hall chair that belonged to the Robert E. Lee family for the Arlington House.

2006-Present:  Continuing to perform conservation / preservation treatments on numerous objects from museums and other sites.

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Presidential Podium
Sheetz hand made drop leaf table
Sitka Alaska Baranov Totem Pole
Wooden Yoke of Liberty Bell
Gen George Marshall Mahogany chest of Drawers (chiffonier)
Ron Sheetz, Wooden Objects Conservator               
Martinsburg, WV